Journal Processing

We carry out peer-review process to ensure that, the research that gets published will bear original and essential contents, which are exactly coping up with the Science and Technology development. Publication of the right science is the motive of the process, which is headed by our editorial board members. The Journal is following the double blind review system. In the double blind review system, the identity of both the reviewers and the authors are not publicised to each other. We follow this system because it produces a review of standard quality.

Manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Biological and Information Sciences will be taken into process within a few days to a week. As an initial step of processing, the manuscript will be evaluated by any of the editorial board members belonging to the discipline of the article. On passing the evaluation, the manuscript will be submitted for review by minimum of two potential reviewers from the subject of interest, who work closely to achieve the prime decision. Reviewers are advised by the editorial board to peer-review the article, based on the blind review policies. The comments from the reviewer will be analysed by the editorial board and the final decision will solely be made by the Editor-in-Chief. On a positive sign from the reviewers, the publication process will be commenced based on the author's publication approval. The final decision and the responsibilities on the publication of the articles are solely based on the Editor-in-Chief, to whom any appeal against rejection should be addressed.